EF Solutions’ range of end-to-end IT professional services and solutions are intended for one thing only, to help you get the most from your IT investment.

Whether you need to ensure your applications deliver what the business expects, implement new web applications, or manage and integrate supporting data effectively, we support all levels of IT maturity to assure the quality of your systems.

As a natural consequence of EF Solutions’ long-term partnership with Microsoft, and driving our own development teams, we have naturally adopted a long range of knowledge and knowhow skills, which constantly are kept up to date by consistent training of our employees.


Obtained through training and hundreds of customer driven projects over the last decades, we are continuously building on our programming skills. We master a wide range of applications and tools, and have all the know-how to use them to your advantage. Web programming, Application programming and our combined experience are at your disposal.

Web Applications

Need to engage your customers on the internet? Stay competitive with incentive based web services to stay close to your clients and ahead of your competitors. EF Solutions delivers the web skills you need.

Training and Implementation

Learn all the best practices from the beginning, and don’t waste time you don’t have. Executing the right amount and well defined implementation phases, of which training is a healthy part, is a better business deal than you might think. It’s all about deployment speed, user adoption and reaching your goals quicker.

Project Management

Any project, however big or small, requires project management resources, from both sides. It is essential in order to secure and validate expectations, deadlines and ultimately success for all.

Infrastructure Balancing

We assist you, balance your infrastructure and adress security questions, integration and setup challenges.

SQL services and audits

As you start utilizing your applications and databases, the need for keeping your SQL servers fit and trimmed is vital. We can assist you.